Alberto Escudero, Pablo Román, Ethan Martínez, Iker Andrés, Javier Atienza, Javier Rodríguez, Esther Ruiz y Esperanza Guillem
From left to right and from bottom to top: Carmen Tàrrega, Piedad Ortega, Julia Tierraseca, Maria Baixauli, Lucía Cases, Daniela Vega, Jesús Gil, María Sanz, Lourdes López, Lucía Martínez, José Alegre, Miriam Fernández, María Adrià, Jorge Gil, Sergio Urbaneja

Col·legi Mare de Déu de l’Olivar is a charter school. Regarding the ideology of the center we can say that it is a Christian, co-educational school, with roots in its environment in a culture with its own language, pluralistic, democratic, supportive and innovative. In this sense, the center has a cooperative line of work and participates in educational projects of various kinds. We are currently participating in a KA2 project, funded by the EU, together with centers in Germany and Lithuania, and a teacher mobility KA1 project; “First Lego League”, a technology contest organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Lego. The strong point of our center is the good relations between students, teachers and families, which generate trust and empathy in the educational community.

Piedad Ortega

Since a long time, as a secondary school teacher and a person with scientific training, I consider that scientific dissemination is essential. Fostering the link between teaching and research is necessary for both worlds. But what I would highlight most about participating in #MelanogasterCTF has been demonstrating to my students that scientific research is a collective task of researchers from many countries in which they can also contribute something. And if, in addition, we manage to awaken scientific vocations… goal accomplished!

Josep Lluís Pérez

The involvement of our center in the project has brought direct contact with scientific research, which is not common in a secondary school. This has allowed our students to know how science works in aspects as crucial as how to approach an investigation, while at the same time verifying the complexity of these processes and the multitude of areas that need to be coordinated and directed to a specific purpose. Finally, it has also allowed us to assess the importance of personal involvement of those who advance research as the basic engine of science.

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