There are no specific instructions. It will depend on the materials you have:for example, empty spice jars, which should be well washed so that the previous contents do not interfere with the microbiota composition of the flies.

The fabrication of the entomological aspirators could be a great opportunity to use your ingenuity to fabricate one with the resources that you have available.

Entomological aspirators examples:


  • A: Castro aspirator
  • B: modified Castro aspirator
  • C: Christiansen aspirator: (a) plastic hose; (b) gauze; (c) plastic hose; (d) plastic or cork taps; (e) glass tube; (f) collected samples; (g) vial

Homemade manufacturing sample: Using tubing from hospital urine bags and empty spice bottles and jars. The fabrication process is very simple. It only consists of making the holes in the cap by warming them.


You can be inspired by tutorials on YouTube; for example, by watching “How to make an insect or entomological aspirator”.


Video examples:

Cómo hacer un aspirador de insectos casero (How to make a homemade insect aspirator). Language: Spanish.


Como fazer um Sugador de Abelhas/Mel (How to make a bee aspirator). Language: Portuguese.


Aspirador entomológico (Entomological aspirator) Language: Spanish.