The #MelanogasterCTF citizen science project has different activities that allow students and teachers to participate in different ways, from secondary schools to university centers, from the most rural areas to the most urban areas of Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.
The most outstanding activities of #MelanogasterCTF are:

Track The Fly

Track The Fly is part of the “Melanogaster, Catch The Fly!” citizen science project, and allows high school students to … Continued

Meet & Fly

Meet & Fly es un encuentro tanto a nivel nacional como internacional entre todas las escuelas participantes en el proyecto … Continued

Citizen Fly Lab

Citizen Fly Lab is a molecular biology laboratory which will enable the participation of young students that do not collaborate … Continued

Code the Fly

Code the Fly is a citizen science activity in which participants contribute by analysing the Drosophila melanogaster genome using bioinformatic … Continued

Teach and Fly

Teach and Fly is a refresher course for teachers interested in increasing the scientific knowledge, scientific vocation, and 4C skills … Continued

Melanogaster Girls and Tech

Melanogaster Girls and Tech is a technological design and development activity that helps facilitate fieldwork for students and teachers. Citizen … Continued

Show the Fly

Show the Fly involves teachers and students from the schools participating in the #MelanogasterCTF project, as well as further participants … Continued

Show the Fly to Europe

Show the Fly to Europe involves a teacher and a student from the Spanish schools involved in #MelanogasterCTF participating in … Continued