Citizen Fly Lab is a molecular biology laboratory which will enable the participation of young students that do not collaborate in the sample collection and classification due to their geographical situation. The generated experimental data will validate the predictions of the scientist from the European network DrosEU.

This mobile lab will be installed during the pilot phase in formal and informal educational centres, under the direct supervision of the researchers from the Evolutionary and Functional Genomics group (IBE, CSIC-UPF). The lab will be equipped with the necessary material and reagents to conduct DNA extraction and amplification, i.e.; the DNA amplification equipment (PCR), electrophoresis gel to visualize the results, pipettes and reactants for the DNA extraction and amplification. With this equipment, the students will collaborate in the experimental validation of new gene variants already identified by the scientists. The students will be able to learn about data validation, which is central to scientific research, while they generate useful data for the DrosEU researchers.

Citizen Fly Lab is the answer to participants in the dissemination activities of #MelanogasterCTF project but could not participate in the project because they are not located in rural and arid areas. In this sense, Citizen Fly Lab enables new participation ways for students from other areas not interesting for the sample collection and classification. 

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