Video in which some students from IES Benjamín Jarnés explain the process of collecting biological samples for project #MelanogasterCTF:



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Joan Torró

It was fortunate to know and to be able to participate in this Drosophila fly collection and classification project. On the one hand, the students have felt involved in an international scientific research project. On the other hand, it has allowed us to deepen, in a fun way, our knowledge of genetics. Our educational center, the IES Benjamín Jarnés de Fuentes de Ebro, is a center committed to educational innovation.”

Adriana Tolón

“This project, as a student, brought me interest in the subject, since it is a way of working on what has been learned in a practical way, a fact that in my opinion should be more common since memorizing does not work at all. On the other hand, these types of activities in which you work as a team are more didactic. This experience made us feel closer to the teacher and to our classmates and, in addition, he personally taught me precision and discipline when working in a laboratory.”

Irene Dobato

“The project has served to motivate us to learn, since it is a different and fun way to do it. I really liked it because it’s something we have done, both going to collect flies and analyze and classify them in the laboratory. I had never seen with my eyes the differences between the types of flies (long or short wings, red or black eyes…) and it was something we had studied in genetics class and thanks to this project we have seen it first hand.”

Nuria Prades

“This project has given us a new way of learning, being didactic and new for us. My experience has been very good since I have learned and discovered procedures and how to work in a laboratory, even if it is small.


#MelanogasterCTF, at the IES Benjamín Jarnés (Fuentes de Ebro), on the internet:
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