The IES Carpetania is located in the town of Yepes, Toledo. It is a small center, in a rural environment, where High School and Vocational Training are taught. In the center, educational research and innovation projects are carried out in different subjects, since we consider that this fosters interdisciplinary work between teachers from different departments, being very enriching for students.

Participation in the #MelanogasterCTF project offers us the possibility of working on the contents of the 4th ESO genetics block, with a different approach, using the project’s teaching materials and then putting them into practice in the laboratory.

During 2019-2020 academic year we were accepted for an oral communication to participate in the Scientific Congress for Schoolchildren of the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid,  to be held in April, and where students have the opportunity to experience contact with the reality of the science world . We also were accepted to participate in the scientific fair “ConCienciArte”, within the XI Madrid Science Fair, where we intended to make the Citizen Science project #MelanogasterCTF visible.

Paloma Sepúlveda Vizcaíno

Participating in the #MelanogasterCTF project has been an excellent opportunity for both me and my 4th ESO students, who have been able to see first-hand the work carried out by high-level researchers at their research center. From an educational point of view, it is an excellent opportunity to promote scientific vocations, which are so necessary to solve the challenges that today’s society faces, and to bring real science closer to students.

Carmen Vallés

Participating in this project has seemed to me a very interesting experience, both for what I have learned, and for the good experience of practical work that I have done with both colleagues and teachers. 

Salomé Ortega

I have participated together with colleagues and teachers from the institute in the #MelanogasterCTF project. I have found it a great project, with a lot of work behind it and very elaborate. We have had very good experiences when carrying the project out. We should thank all our teachers and the help received from González Lab (Barcelona). I would certainly encourage more institutes to participate and learn the value of Drosophila melanogaster and all the secrets they hide!

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