The IES Jaime de Sant-Ángel is a very small institute that allows a close relationship between teachers and students, we are like a family. There is a great implication on the part of the teaching staff in the teaching-learning process, participating in different and innovative projects.

The students and faculty of the IES Jaime de Sant-Ángel have joined the #MelanogasterCTF project participating in the collection and classification of biological samples of Drosophila in the fall of 2020.

Juana I. Parres (Biology and Geology teacher)

The participation in the Melanogaster: Catch The Fly! gives us the opportunity to work on a research project for both teachers and students creating, learning and awakening a very interesting motivation at high school.

Alumnas_Jaime SantAngel
Marta Pastor and Adriana Belmonte (Students)

Participation in this project is something new and we are excited about having the opportunity to do research in these difficult times of the pandemic. We find it very interesting to participate in an international project and we are waiting to see how it progresses.

Dolores and Teresa Parres Martínez (Farmers)

It is a satisfaction to contribute to such a beautiful research and educational project. We really enjoyed seeing our orange trees full of young researchers.