The Justus-von-Liebig school in Waldshut (Germany) has been collaborating with the #MelanogasterCTF project since 2020.

Dr. Christian Feller

How do species adapt to changing environmental conditions such as climate change?

At the Justus-von-Liebig-School in Waldshut (Germany), we feel privileged to cooperate with scientists from the project Melanogaster: Catch the Fly! (MCTF) for teaching such an important topic. This topic is abstract and complex and therefore difficult to understand. But thanks to the great teaching materials from the MCTF-scientists, we engaged in field activities and in-depth discussions that helped to understand this important topic. And collecting flies in the field and examining them under the microscope was fun, too! We are looking forward to an ongoing exchange with the MCTF-scientists to learn about the gene variants and microbes from the flies caught in Waldshut and elsewhere in Europe.