This video game is based on real situations in the world of scientific research, such as the interesting task of collecting samples around the world. Your goal will be to collect as many fruit flies as possible from different regions of the world. You will receive an initial scholarship (credits) that you must manage smartly and effectively, taking into account the possible situations or setbacks in each region; in addition to expenses such as capture equipment, food for your flies, travel, public relations, fees and other necessary expenses in each region. If you need it, you can get more financing (credits) by applying for scholarships in the form of simple but useful questionnaires (trivia).

You will also find further details on what is done with the flies, as well as information on important concepts such as NATURAL SELECTION, MUTATIONS, DNA, VARIABILITY, MOBILE ELEMENTS, and more.


  • When you click the “PLAY” button it will ask you to download the * UNITY plug-in, you can do so without fear.
  • It is possible that the video game does not work in some web browsers. We have made sure it does work in Safari.
  • The game takes a couple of minutes to load but it’s worth the wait 😉
  • These videos will give you clues to understanding the game’s mechanics.
  • This is the first phase of the video game, so please send us your comments to help us make improvements in the future.

También encontrarás información sobre qué se hace con las moscas, y conceptos tan importantes de entender hoy en día como SELECCIÓN NATURAL, MUTACIONES, ADN, VARIABILIDAD, ELEMENTOS MÓVILES y más.