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The Mriya School, located in Odessa (Ukraine), collaborated since 2020 with the #MelanogasterCTF project collecting and classifying biological samples of Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly.


“Mriya” School is a school for children and their loving parents

Private school “Mriya” is an educational space where children get an excellent opportunity to study and develop their skills freely.

The school is located in a wonderful picturesque place in Arcadia district, next to the Black Sea coastline and recreational area.

From the very moment of its foundation in 2001 “Mriya” was determined to develop high standards of educational services, freedom for creativity and identity.

Nowadays “Mriya” School can be noted as:

  • Licensed school with advanced level of foreign languages learning.
  • School that meets all state standards: students are proficient in their state language, have opportunity to communicate in their native language (in case it’s different from the official language) as well as in several foreign languages.
  • School that develops mathematical competence as well as competence in sciences, technology and engineering.
  • School that upbrings ecological awareness and competence.
  • School that introduces innovations.
  • School that develops communication skills.
  • School that brings children into the world of finance.
  • School that raises social awareness and civil liability.
  • School that inculcates the value of life-long educational process.
  • School that issues diploma that meets state standards.


What can “Mriya” School offer for children and their loving parents?

  • Education at full circle school.
  • Opportunity to choose the programme for education in primary school (Developing Learning, Ukrainian Intelligence).
  • Foreign languages- English as an obligatory language and the second language at your choice (French, German or Spanish) starting from grade 1.
  • Opportunity to study Foreign language with the native speaker.
  • Opportunity to choose the schedule for your children (full day or half day).
  • Opportunity to develop advanced skills by attending different sport and art clubs on the school territory:
    • Go – Japanese board game
    • Robotics
    • “TVMriya” – telecommunication school for children from 10 to14 years old
    • Chess
    • Sculpting
    • Art
    • Wushu
    • Football
    • Dynamics reading
    • Singing
    • Dance classes- oriental dance, Irish dance
  • School bus that can take your child to and from school.
  • Healthy food, balanced and fresh, cooked by highly experienced chefs.
  • Full Security – the territory is closed for trespassers and is being watched by a video Security system.
  • School buildings are divided in accordance with the age of the students- primary school and Lyceum are separated from each other.
  • School has equipped sport playground.
  • Psychological department of Mriya School is in constant contact with teachers and parents which allows organizing a comfortable stress-free environment for children.


Your children are surrounded by caring and open-minded teachers who pay special attention to the process of education and upbringing, based on tolerance and non-violent communication.

We believe that our future lies in our children, who are brought up in the atmosphere of love and care.

Logo Mriya School

Denis Profesor de Biolo
Denis Radionov (Biology Teacher)

My name is Denis. I am a biologist, I have a PhD in genetics and the highest qualification as a school teacher. Currently, I conduct Biology classes in Mriya Lyceum. I conducted research and my thesis was dedicated to the study of genetic processes in the Drosophila population on the territory of Ukraine. That is why I have a special interest in promoting and popularizing the research of Drosophila melanogaster among children.


What does the project contribute to the school and / or to you?

Taking part in such project is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Draw attention of the school children to ecological problems.
  • Increase their interest in the field of genetic research.
  • Take part in significant scientific projects.

This also allows me to share my professional experience with children.


Which is your experience of participating in the project?

Our school has taken part in the project since autumn 2020.


What have you discovered or learned by participating in the project?

We learnt about the #MelanogasterCTF citizen science project, led by the Evolutionary and Functional Genomics Laboratory (González Lab) of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF, Barcelona); as well as about the project dedicated to the study of genetic mechanism of adaptation of organisms to the ecological changes.

Additionally, our students learnt to collect flies, analyze the collected samples, differentiate various types of Drosophila, distinguish male and female specimen, define and describe flies features.

Photo gallery:
  • Collection and classification of biological samples (Autumn 2020):